Year of the Rabbit

Welcome to Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit is a cooperative of several crafty nerds, offering a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry, costuming, plushies, phone charms, boffer weapons and more.  We're always branching out into new crafts and custom commissions are always welcome.


6/11/14 The first part of the pictures for A-Kon 25 is up!  I should be getting Hinoneko's pictures soon, and I'll add them into the mix as well. 

6/5/14 On the way to A-Kon, see you there! 

4/2/14 We will be selling at A-Kon again this year!  Come see us for new designs and we'll once again be partnered with Hinoneko! 

12/20/13 Unfortunately, we will be unable to attend Ikkicon this year due to scheduling problems.  Be sure to check out our partner booth, Hinoneko, though! 

6/4/13 Part 2!  Pictures are up at our A-Kon 24 gallery!  If you have pictures of any of us or anyone with our merchandize, please sent them to us; we'd love to see them! 

6/4/13 Phew, we're back from A-Kon!  We'll be posting pictures to the gallery and some of the new items or unique leftovers from the con to the store in the next couple of days, so if you're looking for something specific right away, email us at and I'll get it listed asap.  Or check back frequently to see what's gone up.  Thanks for making it a successful con for both us and our tablemate Hinoneko!

5/23/13 In preparation for A-Kon, we've banished outside ads from the site and added a real photo gallery!  It has pictures of all the cons we've sold at, and we'll be adding project pictures and possibly pictures from cons we didn't sell at just for fun things to look at.  Check it out up in the sidebar! 

4/26/13 We have a booth at A-Kon again!  Come stop by our table in the Artist Alley May 31-June 2!  

4/1/13 We've opened a Storenvy shop to better handle the online side of things.  Check us out at  The selling should be done through there, but information, convention galleries, possibly commissions will stay here (depending on how Storenvy handles commissions; we're new at this).  It should be much easier to keep that storefront up to date with what we actually sell at conventions instead of the ancient pictures we've kept up here for so long...whoops.  Anyway, pardon our sketchy site until we've got it better set up to interact with the new store.

12/27/12  Come see us at Ikkicon in Austin, TX!   Sorry we're awful at updating the website, but we always check the email regularly, so if you have any questions or commissions, just drop us a line at !

12/1/12 Seamstress Sarah Coombs will be joining us at Ikkicon this year!  Check out her stuff at her portfolio website!

5/8/11  A-Kon is in just a couple of days, and we've been too busy making new things to update the site!  I promise we'll fix everything up once we get back, but until then, you get a special convention preview here.  See you at the con!

3/2/11  After a LONG hiatus, YotR is back for the actual Year of the Rabbit!  Come join us at A-Kon, June 10-12th for lots of new stuff and the old favourites.

8/7/08  We now have a Web Store in the experimental stage with the Kingdom Key and Lawyer Badge up for sale, so check it out.  A few new pictures are in the Photo Album (including Oni-Con 07, our first con as a company).  And check back soon for new boffer designs, including the Oblivion Keyblade (KH2)!

 6/2/08  Check out our Photo Album for a few pictures from A-Kon 19.  New descriptions have been added for most items on all the pages and Vexen's Shield and the Riddler's Cane have been added to the Boffers section, as well as new pictures of some of the old items.

 5/18/08  The site is live!  Take a look at our plushies and boffers with the links above.  And be sure to look for our table at A-Kon in Dallas, TX on May 30th through June 1st.

We'd like to hear from you!  All   of you!  So write in our Guestbook